Photos From The Atari International Asteroids Tournament in San Francisco 1981

They came in droves during the Fall of 1981, players of all ages, filing into convention rooms across the country to compete in The Atari International Asteroids Tournament. Not much information remains on this nationwide event save for a tee shirt here, a small headline there. In fact, a lot of particulars have been lost [...]

Poke-Hoax: The Pokemon Go Church Murder

I love everything about a good gaming urban legend; how they begin, how they spread and how they develop and grow over time.  Usually the kinds of legends I investigate have been developing chapters over a period of decades, in some cases 40 years or more. The extraction of factual evidence is a painstaking process [...]

Sauce: White Nationalism…in a Bottle?

It's surely been a rather interesting election year, one that has brought with it tumultuous debate as well as reaffirmed beliefs with many that all is not well in America. From Bernie Sanders leading a movement mostly comprised of millennials frustrated by a view of a future that appears to have no place for them, [...]