Polybius Update: Likely Connection To 2003 Dybbuk Box Hoax

Steve Jobs wrote, "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them by looking backwards." He said this in reference to how one discovers their own personal path to success in life, but his wisdom is applicable to how one investigates any mystery, really, since the art of solving most enigmas begins … Continue reading Polybius Update: Likely Connection To 2003 Dybbuk Box Hoax

Hot For Pac-Man: Oui Magazine 1982

As a teen in 1982, I knew nightclubs often had full-sized arcades inside of them, but the goings on in those adult playgrounds were, of course, an unknown world to me. To be honest, I figured people just hung around, got drunk or stoned and played video games with people they wanted to hook up with. A single's bar with video games. Nothing unusual for The Me Generation's standards of living, whose mantra was, "If it feels good...do it."

Man Discovers Arcade Games in The Basement of An Abandoned House

Somewhere in the Midwest, down an old road that leads across a washed out and  crumbling bridge, in a stand of overgrown trees and in what appears to be a field on the edge of an industrial tract of land, sits a house that's seen better days. The abandoned house, filmed in December 2016 by … Continue reading Man Discovers Arcade Games in The Basement of An Abandoned House

Total Drag: Twin Galaxies Bans Legendary Gamer Todd Rogers For Cheating

For this is a tragedy. For him. For classic gaming. For Twin Galaxies. For everyone.  We  didn't need this. And as angry as it makes me that he lied to us all, in the end we all lied to each other, too, by going along with the charade for as long as we did, when we all knew something was wrong. Some of us for years. We knew, just as we know other "iconic champions" aren't champions at all. They cheated just the same and have been exalted as "legends" and "Kings" even though most of us know damned well that their stories are 100% manufactured.

Buried Arcade History: Newspaper Photos From The Video Craze That Deserve To Be Seen Again

Sometimes I find myself studying the faces of the people in the photos next to the games or milling around the arcade. They're usually young teenagers, just as I was back then, examples of American naivete and valor rolled up in a fuse so hot that any new interest could ignite it with a single spark.  The 80s was an age of unending successive fads...except one. Video games. That was no fad. Falling in electronic-love was never a passing fad as much as people today want to claim it was.

Original 80s Time Out Arcade Found in a Dead Mall in Virginia

Uncannily and creatively envisioned, you didn't just walk into a Time Out  -you were pulled in by feelings that you were riding a sensual conveyor belt, instantly enveloped by low-light shadows, multicolored walls and ceilings that gave you the sensation that your sensory perceptions were slightly askew. It was like you were high on electronic drugs, some say. Stoned in love.

Christmas 1984: MTV and Quiet Riot Throw a Christmas Party at a Metal Head’s House

"The band showed up in a limo at around 11 AM and stayed until around 10PM, " Rigney says. "We had full catered Christmas dinner and an open bar. We drank and played pool and hung out. Franki Banalli (Quiet Riot's drummer) saw our equipment stored in the garage while we were playing pool, and said,  if we set it up, they would play."