Lost History: Arcade Glory in High School Yearbooks

Input:Last day of summer school year 82 commences. A disk of empty memory banks is set into motion as valuable input is inserted. Memory: To excel in this program, you must put on your thinking cap, examine your schedule and methodically plan your strategy. It's time to make your move. -South Plantation High School Yearbook [...]


ARCADE: Polybius Legend’s First Appearance in Fiction?

The year was 1984 when, quietly and without too much fanfare from the media, a book appeared in shops across America that caught the eye of vidiots every where. Titled ARCADE, a novel by Robert Maxxe, the pen name of Robert Jay Rosenblum, told the story of a mysterious arcade that opens up in a [...]

Dying To Play: The Berzerk Curse -Fact or Fiction?

When it comes to urban legends foreshadowing is everything. To those who know the background of the Berzerk Death urban legend, it’s deeply curious that a certain coincidence happened to be overlooked by the majority of journalists writing on the subject over the decades. One wonders how something so eerily profound could have ever been [...]