Radical Felines: When Harassment Becomes a Game

 Watch Video First:   RADICAL FELINES *Note: The above video has been removed multiple times by the subject discussed in the video. I think this speaks volumes regarding the subject's reluctance to take accountability for his actions. Since the publishing of this article the subject has continued to defame me on radio podcasts and is [...]


Calling All Ghosts: Portland’s Poison Idea Flips The Switch on The New Era of Anti-Trump Rock

It was inevitable that Donald J. Trump, the pussy-grabbing presidential candidate who employed tactics of race-baiting, misogyny and religious persecution to romance his way into The White House, would become the pariah of a Nation. It was also predicted by many familiar with the anti-Reagan underground music movement of The 80s -including myself- that history [...]

Boiled Angel: 1994 Trial Of Mike Diana Should Serve as a Warning To The Future

PROJECT: The Trial of Mike Diana I remember being shocked when I heard that the Dead Kennedys, a San Francisco punk band,  had their house raided by federal agents in April of 1986 simply because they'd included a poster from artist H.R. Giger in the album Frankenchrist. I recall thinking it was a joke or [...]