Reinvestigating Polybius: With 2015 Update

(Originally published in Retrocade Magazine 2012 by Catherine DeSpira) To someone passing by the site of the former Malibu Grand Prix Arcade (MGP), in Beaverton, Oregon, one would not think that the miniature racing track was once the birthplace of what has become one of the most persistent urban legends in arcade gaming history. Driving [...]


The Hell Candidate: 1981’s Most Terrifying Read

Some teenagers hid Playboys or hash pipes in their closets. Me and my friends hid adult paperback books. Lots of them. Most of them horror novels. Real ghastly ones too, full of gore, and devils, sacrilege and sex; ones our Dad's read and then tossed for Mom to drop off at a thrift shop or, [...]

Calling Jenny: Forgotten Fads of The 80s

Legwarmers with miniskirts. Neon colors. Sports bands with psychotic-looking sunglasses. This is how people often remember The 80s fashion fads as can be evidenced if you ever attend an 80s Party or happen to glimpse one going on in a night club or hotel. You can't miss them; scores of women in spandex, stiletto heels, [...]