DARKADE: Murder and Mayhem in the American Arcade/ Part 1

It's true that arcades were places of escape that took us to new realms via sensory doorways accessed through a vector/raster screen. And it's true that they taught us that the universe of technology and our desire to discover what lies beyond it was pre-installed stock in ourselves by a force we already recognized as "wonder"; and, yes, it's undoubtedly true that we unlocked a star-field of possibilities within ourselves for the price of a single quarter. Oh, yes, arcades were places of light and love. But like everywhere else on this planet of apes sometimes the darkness rolls in on freeplay.

Polybius Update: Likely Connection To 2003 Dybbuk Box Hoax

Steve Jobs wrote, "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them by looking backwards." He said this in reference to how one discovers their own personal path to success in life, but his wisdom is applicable to how one investigates any mystery, really, since the art of solving most enigmas begins … Continue reading Polybius Update: Likely Connection To 2003 Dybbuk Box Hoax