An Extra-Terrestrial Christmas

Christmas day, 1982: Children awoke to boxes filled with the hottest popular toys and gadgets that season. Depending on their parent's budgets they could expect to find such things as Coleco's Table Top Arcade Games, Master's of The Universe action figures, Glo-Worms and Strawberry Shortcake dolls and, if you were especially lucky, a brand spanking [...]


All American High: Documentary of 1984 High School Class is Totally Awesome

Preppies. Metal heads. Punks, geeks and surfers. Panty shots from passionate cheerleaders and 10-keg beer parties. And a high school classroom filled with pinballs and arcade games for kids to play and study on. Swear to god. Sounds like one of Jeff Spicoli's buzzed-out dreams, huh? Sure does. But it's real, and it all happened [...]

Van Nuys Blvd: Glimpse of a 1977 Game Parlor

Few movies of the 70s prior to the Space Invaders craze in the summer of 1978 managed to capture the airy, brightly lit game parlors before video arcade games pushed pinball out and turned the lights down low. However, Van Nuys Blvd, filmed in  early 1978 and released in 1979 by Crown International Pictures, managed [...]

Long Before Pixels: 1982’s Arcade Attack/ Silverball Heroes vs. Video Invaders

“If I’ve had a rotten day at work, or am in a bad mood, that’s the best time for me to play a video.” –Geoff Harvey, “The Pinball Wizard” The year was 1982 when a documentary –or so the clever avant garde director, Mike Wallington, wanted you to think- was released in England. The short [...]