Pac-Man Headstone in Michigan

  In Clio Genesee County, Michigan, in the Thetford Township Cemetary, Michael Leroy "Pac Man" Luther slumbers for eternity beneath the marble likeness of an arcade game he loved so much. Find a Grave listing According to Jeff Smith of Lapeer, Michigan, an arcade aficionado who shared the photo with me and whose older brother [...]


Woman in a Red Beret: 1988 Home Movie Shows Possible Police Shooting

As a historical researcher constantly on the make for video and/or images that afford a rare non-commercial glimpse back at arcade games and the real "arcade scene" of the 70's and 80s, I often use YouTube to peruse people's vintage home videos. I've found a lot of fresh and never-before-seen images of the early days [...]

Poke-Hoax: The Pokemon Go Church Murder

I love everything about a good gaming urban legend; how they begin, how they spread and how they develop and grow over time.  Usually the kinds of legends I investigate have been developing chapters over a period of decades, in some cases 40 years or more. The extraction of factual evidence is a painstaking process [...]