Buried Arcade History: Newspaper Photos From The Video Craze That Deserve To Be Seen Again

Sometimes I find myself studying the faces of the people in the photos next to the games or milling around the arcade. They're usually young teenagers, just as I was back then, examples of American naivete and valor rolled up in a fuse so hot that any new interest could ignite it with a single spark.  The 80s was an age of unending successive fads...except one. Video games. That was no fad. Falling in electronic-love was never a passing fad as much as people today want to claim it was.


The Return of Real Arcade Action: ScoreWars Galaga World Championship

Galaga World Championship March 29-April 1, 2018 Santa Fe, New Mexico Top Prize: $10,000

Original 80s Time Out Arcade Found in a Dead Mall in Virginia

Uncannily and creatively envisioned, you didn't just walk into a Time Out  -you were pulled in by feelings that you were riding a sensual conveyor belt, instantly enveloped by low-light shadows, multicolored walls and ceilings that gave you the sensation that your sensory perceptions were slightly askew. It was like you were high on electronic drugs, some say. Stoned in love.

Christmas 1984: MTV and Quiet Riot Throw a Christmas Party at a Metal Head’s House

"The band showed up in a limo at around 11 AM and stayed until around 10PM, " Rigney says. "We had full catered Christmas dinner and an open bar. We drank and played pool and hung out. Franki Banalli (Quiet Riot's drummer) saw our equipment stored in the garage while we were playing pool, and said,  if we set it up, they would play."

Rolling With The Action: Trak Balls, Porn Stars and the 1983 Consumer Electronic Show

It may be difficult for anyone to believe this now, but once upon a time the porn industry was a welcomed participant in the Consumer Electronic Shows (CES), and just about every other electronic trade show in America.

Pac-Man Headstone in Michigan

  In Clio Genesee County, Michigan, in the Thetford Township Cemetary, Michael Leroy "Pac Man" Luther slumbers for eternity beneath the marble likeness of an arcade game he loved so much. Find a Grave listing According to Jeff Smith of Lapeer, Michigan, an arcade aficionado who shared the photo with me and whose older brother … Continue reading Pac-Man Headstone in Michigan