And A Child Shall Lead Them: One Boy’s Dream of The White House Is Closer Than You Think

Brody Patterson, Denton, Texas, has big plans for his future

“My name is Brody and one day I will become President of The United States of America.”

Those are strong words describing a mighty big dream of 11-year old Brody Patterson, a 5th grader from Denton, Texas with an unusual interest in politics and community activism. But then everything’s bigger in Texas.

While most boys his age are more concerned with traditional interests revolving around play and staying as far away from serious subjects as possible, Patterson’s focus falls upon such things as community activism, urban renewal and political theory, things most boys don’t even consider until they’re many years down the road of life.

Brody Patterson posing with the Mayor of Denton in the playground park he helped build. Note Abraham Lincoln tee shirt.

Having already cut his teeth on urban renewal projects such as a volunteering to help in the building of a playground park in his hometown, Patterson has a clear vision of what he wants to do with his life. He wants to one day become a politician who dedicates his life to the service of citizens, a United States Senator and then President of The United States of America…in that order.

So when his school announced that they were partnering with WorldStrides, an organization that takes students for educational trips outside of the classroom, and that the trip would be to Washington DC and The White House, Patterson knew he had to go. But it’s an expensive journey, one that he’s in the process of raising the funds for himself.

Even at his young age Brody Patterson knows that years of hard work and dedication to continuing his education lies ahead of him. Yet he’s already preparing himself by taking part in many studies and extracurricular activities that offer him a well rounded early education in charitable organizations as well as the social and cultural arts he will require to become a solid communicator on business and social matters. Patterson’s many accomplishments and interests as well as his current titles include:

–  Junior Editor for Little Player Magazine
– Member of his school’s EXPO Program
– A decorated Cub Scout
– A student of the violin
– A Karate student and a chess player
– Currently growing his hair long to donate it to a cancer charity
– A video game cultural history student with a deep interest in business marketing and development

Although he’s not quite sure yet how all of this fits together, the more a child learns about his or her world, and the earlier they learn various skills and applicable logic, the better he or she will serve it. This is why his trip to Washington DC is so important. He needs to see and be further inspired by the governing body he dreams of one day working for.

Brody Patterson with his brother Colton and Gearbox Software’s David Eddings

The dreams and aspirations of children are often fragile things able to be either nurtured or dashed by a single word, action or inaction. It’s imperative as we look towards the next generation that we bestow as much encouragement as we can upon them now so that they can become the strong leaders we hope for in the future. That one serious young boy in Texas dreams of being a political leader, perhaps even President one day, is not something one should dismiss as just a childhood whim but should be seen as a torch and picked up and carried, lit and re-lit until they grow strong enough to be able to carry it on their own.  Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s children.

And for some, like Brody Patterson, The White House may be closer than you think.

Help Brody Patterson make it to Washington DC



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